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Face Covering Guidance:

1. Decreasing potential exposure to respiratory droplets is the guiding principle behind social distancing and the use of face coverings. The use of cloth face coverings is meant to decrease the spread of respiratory droplets. As state and local COVID-19 prevalence decreases, the need for strict social distancing and the use of face coverings will lessen.


A. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is additionally “advising the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.”


B. Recognizing the benefits and potential drawbacks of the use of cloth face coverings during conditioning and physical activity, OHSAA recommends the following:


i. ODH and/or school district guidelines for cloth face coverings should be followed. 

ii. Cloth face coverings are acceptable. There is no need to require or recommend “medical grade” masks for athletic activity.

iii. Exceptions include swimming, distance running, or other high-intensity aerobic activity. In these activities, cloth face coverings may be worn when not engaging in vigorous activity, such as before or after instruction, or any time spent on the ‘sidelines’ when physical activity is not being performed.

iv. Plastic shields covering the entire face (or attached to a helmet) shall not be allowed during play. Their use during practices increases the risk of unintended injury to the person wearing the shield or teammates.

v. Coaches are recommended to wear cloth face coverings during instruction.