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The following policy is implemented to insure the safety of all participants, coaches and public during times of lightning. It applies to all outside football activities at practices, games or other functions.


Authority of Making the Decision to Seek Safe Shelter (in order):

1. FYAA Board President.

2. Any FYAA Board member in attendance.

3. Coaches that are in attendance. Flash to Bang Method:


Flash to Bang Method:

The “Flash to Bang” Method will be used to determine if and when necessary to seek safe shelter. The person making the decisions measures the number of seconds that pass between when lightning is seen and when it is heard. It is necessary to seek safe shelter when the time from “Flash to Bang” is thirty seconds or less.


Return to Play/Activity Criteria:

The “20 minute rule” will govern return to play/activity. Activity may resume no sooner than 20 minutes after the last lightning strike is seen or thunder heard.